Universal Extractor

Universal Extractor 1.6

Decompresses and extracts data from archives
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Jared Breland

Unpack different types of archives by opening them in the utility recognizing the compression method and applying corresponding extraction algorithms. It supports handling multiple files simultaneously and features a scan-only mode for viewing the contents of an archive.

Universal Extractor is an application designed to extract files from any archive. It doesn't matter if it is a ZIP a RAR or any other kind of archive. One good thing about this application, besides the fact that it is universal by nature, is that it is really compact, which makes it accessible and easy to use. You can even use this app to extract files from MSI installation packages. You can do any of the tasks that I have just mentioned with most archive extractors and creators, like WinZIP and WinRAR. But this application has the ability to extract all those files from a single location. It should be noted that this application will not work to archive files; i.e. create a .rar file, for example. Its sole purpose is to give the user the ability to extract files from archives regardless of their format. It also tries to do without command line use. Universal Extractor is deeply connected to the Windows Shell, so that you can extract all your files by simple right clicking on them and selecting the option that fits your needs the most.

José Fernández
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